A weekend apart, but still time for lots of fun

As a family, we spend most of our time together and find our fun with each other.  This weekend was different – Colin spent a fun two nights sleeping over at Gramma’s while Sean and I traveled to Michigan for a friend’s wedding.

Colin was so excited to have his second sleepover at Gramma’s – and this time, it was for two nights.  He chose to spend his nights in a sleeping bag on the floor of Gramma’s bedroom and woke up bright and early and ready for the day.  Of course, it’s difficult to know exactly how Colin spends his time when he’s not with us, but here’s a few of the fun activities that I know he participated in – chocolate chip cookies, playground fun, time at the library, sidewalk chalk art, marbles, more cookies, blueberry pancakes, tennis, more playgrounds, dump trucks, and more cookies.  Overall, both Colin and Gramma had fun.

After dropping Colin off, Sean and I headed to Michigan for a friend’s wedding.  We don’t often have an opportunity to sleep-in, so that was out first priority.  The day started with breakfast in bed and a stroll down the main street of the quaint touristy town we were visiting.  We then headed back to the hotel to “glam-it-up” for the wedding and meet our friends in the lobby before heading out.  We arrived at the beautiful lakeside wedding venue at 2:00 PM and danced, ate, laughed, played basketball, enjoyed the sun, played bags, and huddled around the campfire until 10:30 PM.  It was such a perfect day for both the happy newly-wed couple and us.

We headed back to pick up Colin on Sunday morning and then visited the The Cradle for their annual open house.  There were tattoos, nail painting, police cars, toys, bubbles, balls, and a petting zoo.  Colin loves hanging out there and is not shy about participating in the fun.  Afterwards, we headed to the nearby playground and then to a fabulous nut-free gelato shop – Frio Gelato – for a yummy treat.  Even after a few nights apart, we were still able to enjoy a happy day as a family.