Absolutely amazing people

Not everyone has the same thoughts as me about parents who create a birth plan for their child that involves adoption.  I see loving, amazing, scared, thoughtful people that want only the absolute best for their child.  What they aren’t sure of is who can give their child all that he or she deserves.  Eventually, after what I’m sure are countless sleepless nights, many days of looking through a wide variety of adoption profiles, and trusting their gut instincts, they choose a forever family for their child.  I don’t think that I could ever have made the life-changing decision that parents who make an adoption birth plan for their child have.  They are truly amazing people who deserve our respect, admiration, love, and support.

RG Adoption Consulting has posted the second of three blog entries about a birth mother and her story.  You can read it here and see how strong and amazing she is.  In one of my previous posts – An interesting perspective – you can read the first birth mother blog story.  When the third story is posted, I’ll be sure to share it here!