Annual block party

Saturday was our block’s 11th annual block party.  Every year, it is so much fun.  The first year, it was a great way to meet all of our new neighbors, in the years following, we worked to increase the block party fun, and this was the first year that our son really started to enjoy it.  Colin could not have been more excited about the block party.  He kept calling it “his block party”.  He was so excited to chat with all our neighbors, eat outside, and ride his tricycle in the street.

We started by blocking off the street to all through traffic.  Honestly, that is probably the most exciting part of the day.  It is so nice to be able to use the street as one big sidewalk that joins the east and west sides of the street.  The kids absolutely love being able to run, bike, and play ball in the street.  After some time at the arts & crafts table and splashing in the front yard pool, we enjoyed a sun butter and jelly sandwich lunch in the front yard with some neighbors.  Then the skies opened up and the rain poured down.  We took advantage of that downtime for Colin’s nap.  After the rain, all the neighbors slowly started to emerge – the DJ started setting up, more kids came outside, guests started arriving, and grills started warming up.  The kids participated in a cake walk, scavenger hunt, piñata, soccer, dancing, and more.  We were happy to have Engine 94 from the Chicago Fire Department visit and let the kids (and adults) check out, sit in, and climb onto the fire truck.

It was a great way to end the summer as school started on Monday!  Check back in a few days for a post about Colin’s first week of school.


Firefighter Colin

2014-08-23 12.51.06-1

Lunching with our neighbor and friend, Bobby