Birthday parties!

Our son is now at the age where he has his own friends and gets invited to friend birthday parties.  I think it’s so cute!

A few months ago, Colin was invited to his friend Ian’s 3rd birthday party.  It was a Richard Scarry themed party.  We had not yet introduced Colin to the Richard Scarry characters – Lowly Worm, Hilda Hippo, and Goldbug – and he loved them!  There were snacks, party hats, noise makers, toys, friends, and cupcakes.  Each child was given a Lowly Worm stuffed animal to take home.  Colin still enjoys hopping Lowly around the house on his one shoe.

Last weekend, Colin’s cousin Alastair turned 4 years old.  The weather was warm and sunny, so fun was had by all cousins and friends outside on the swing set.  They were climbing up the ladder, going down the slide, and pushing each other on the swings.  By the end of the party, Colin was covered in dirt and chocolate cupcake.  That’s the sign of a good party!

Today, we spent the morning celebrating yet another birthday.  Actually, it was two birthdays for an adorable set of twins that turned 1 year old.  Colin is friends with their older brother.  We see them all once a week at tumbling class and Colin always goes over to say “Hi” to the twins while they watch from the bleachers.  Today’s party had a bow tie and tutu theme and all the kids looked quite fancy.  It was hosted at Wonder Works Children’s Museum in Oak Park.  All the kids had a blast playing throughout the super fun space.  There was even a face painter who made Colin look like a scary lion.  He was sad to have to wash the face paint off before naptime.  I’m not sure what Colin’s favorite part was, but it might have been the cupcake – as usual!

It’s so great to have so many friends and family nearby to celebrate with.  We’re looking forward to a 3rd birthday party for a very special boy this summer!


Watch out…here I come


Roar…I’m a lion


Who says you can’t wear a bear hat and a bow tie when you’re playing the drums?