Cubs win home opener!

Throughout the years that I have been attending attending Cubs baseball games at Wrigley Field, I have learned a few things.  The most important thing is to not buy tickets to a game before June 1st.  That wind off the lake can be chilly, even well into May, and sitting in the cold for 3 hours, even if I am watching the Cubs, is not my idea of fun!  So, as excited as I am for this 2016 Cubs season, and as nice as the weather was yesterday afternoon, I had no plans to venture down to Wrigleyville for the game.  That being said, I had every intention of celebrating it!

For starters, I laid out my son’s outfit for the day the night before.  It, of course, included his brand new Cubs t-shirt.  When we were ready to head out the door for school in the morning, instead of his warm knit hat, he sported his Cubs baseball hat.  Later in the day, after it warmed up a bit, he wore his Cubs windbreaker jacket to finish off the look.

When you’re at the ballpark, you have to eat a hot dog, so that’s what we did.  Hot dogs were on the menu for dinner.  We even had pickles and celery salt as condiments.

After dinner, we cuddled up under the blankets in the warmth and comfort of our own house and watched the game.  Our son watched the first few innings and asked a lot of questions.  Which guys were the good guys (the Cubs)?  Which guys were the bad guys (the Reds)?  Who was the coach (Joe Maddon)?  What was the guy with the face mask doing (catcher)?

Unfortunately, it was long after his bedtime that the Cubs finally came alive and Addison Russell smashed that 3-run home run, but it was a fun night to celebrate the start of a hopefully exciting season!