End-of-summer treat

I’m not sure how best to write this post – from the viewpoint of my son or my husband.  I’ll try my best to represent the joy that both sides experienced as a result of this end-of-summer treat.

School starts a bit earlier than we’re used to in the suburb that we now live in, so our summer was a little shorter than normal.  Add to that the excitement of beginning kindergarten and the sadness of missing his old house and friends, we knew that we wanted to give our son an extra treat as his summer vacation came to an end.  So, daddy decided to take a week off of work for a summer stay-cation!

We started the week with a trip to the DuPage Children’s Museum.  Our son was excited as he loves all the interactive exhibits at the museum and my husband was excited as he had never visited that museum before.  They both were thrilled that it’s so close to our new house!  They sang and danced in the Math + Motion exhibit, made shadows in Creativity Connections, hammered nails in Build It, made bubbles in Waterways, and much more.  We enjoyed an outside picnic lunch and then went back inside for more fun.  Of course, we decided to get a museum membership, so we’ll be back a lot.

The next day, we loaded into the car for a trip downtown to Maggie Daley Park.  Our son loves this park!  From a parent’s perspective, it’s a tough one.  It’s huge, hot, and crowded, but you can’t beat the fabulous views of downtown Chicago.  We lunched in Millennium Park and ended our visit with a cool splash in the Crown Fountain.  I think both of my boys took a nap in the car on the way home!

The next day was a new adventure for all of us.  We explored our new town and visited the Paddleboat Quarry.  It was our son’s first time in a boat, although he probably would have enjoyed a motor boat a bit more.  We paddled around a quaint tree-lined lake looking at fish and birds.  Later that day, we used our Morton Arboretum membership and enjoyed music by Little Miss Ann while we ate our picnic dinner.  Our son loves Little Miss Ann music and won a copy of her new CD when he won a dance contest that night!  It was an enjoyable day filled with outdoor exploring.

Saturday was a very special day for our son – his birthday party – which is always a fun day!  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends came over to our house to enjoy the Batman birthday festivities.  There was pizza, pumpkin pie, and devil’s food cupcakes and rambunctious boys playing both outside and throughout the house all having a blast.  The birthday fun went well into the night with a few very tired boys by the time everyone left.

After sleeping in a bit the next day, we ventured back into town for an emergency vehicle show.  It was a fun chance to check out an ambulance, old and new fire trucks, police cars from today and years past, and specialty first response vehicles.  Our son climbed into the fire truck and ambulance and my husband admired the CHiPs (California Highway Patrol) police car.  The rest of the day was spent playing with the super fun new toys, books, games, and outside toys that he received at his party.

My husband’s last day off work was our son’s birthday – a super special day!  Our son decided that he wanted to spend the day with us at Santa’s Village.  We all spun, raced, and flew around on all the rides – the carousel, boat ride, race cars, tree house slide, balloon race, Kringle’s Convoy, Mighty Mate, Space Invasion, Dracor Dragon Coaster, Star Jets, SVFD Engine #3, Jed’s Antique Country Cruisers, Alaskan Railway, Ding ‘Em Dodge ‘Em Bumper Cars, Wacky Worm, and Snowball Ride.  (Some of the rides a few of us rode more than once!)

It was a great break for my husband to take away from work and a wonderful chance for him to spend some super fun time with our son.  Our son was beyond thrilled to get all the extra time with daddy to explore these fun destinations and build some really awesome Lego projects.