Fun Facts


  • Has attended a bullfight in Spain.  It’s a bit gory for her, so she’s not sure she’ll go again.
  • Loves weeding the garden, cutting the grass, and being outdoors.
  • Was a four-year varsity and all-conference cross-country runner in high school.
  • Received a college scholarship for her piano-playing skills.
  • Is very vocal while watching her Cubs and Bears games.  One of these years one of them will win it all, right?
  • Has volunteered at a number of different places in Chicago – a museum, the zoo, a hospital, and a school.


  • Is an identical twin and has frequently been mistaken for his brother. Not by Karin, of course!
  • Bungee jumped off a crane at the Wisconsin State Fair.  He’s not planning to do that again!
  • Is afraid of heights – ironic, huh?
  • Rode a segway in Rome.  No helmet, no training – just 8 euros.
  • Enjoys reading books about science fiction, history and mystery.
  • Favorite foods are steak and oysters.