Fun on Father’s Day

Father’s Day got off to an early start in our house.  Colin ran into our room, bright and early, at 6:15.  He was super excited to give me my Father’s Day card and a gift for me that was his very own idea.   I loved the card but enjoyed the gift even more:  a Captain America Hot Wheels Car!  With Karin still sleeping (is it Mother’s Day?), Colin helped me make coffee (a daily routine) and we had a small breakfast as brunch was several hours away.

Karin and Colin took me to Bread & Wine for brunch.  I requested this restaurant as we celebrated my very first Father’s Day there 3 years earlier.  Colin was chattier this time around and ordered his own breakfast of pancakes and his own side of bacon.  He loves bacon and asks for it every weekend.  I’m not sure which parent he takes after with his love of bacon and other meats.  (Me, for sure!)

After brunch we went to one of Colin’s favorite places: the playground at Portage Park.  We have to burn off the calories somewhere.  Colin, as usual, had a blast playing with the kids and showing off for me.   Colin then enjoyed watching the older kids play little league baseball on the field next door as we walked over to the farmer’s market: one of my favorite places.  Karin looked for produce while Colin and I talked with friends and danced to the live band.

While Colin napped in the early afternoon, Karin and I prepped for the Dad’s Barbecue she organized with the other wives for a few of us neighborhood dads.  My friend Sean helped me cook another one of my favorites: flank steak.  A good time was had by all as Colin played with the other kids in the neighborhood while the adults chatted.

It was such a good time.  I’m not sure how my wife and son can top it next year.

Annual Daddy / Colin Father's Day photo

Annual Daddy / Colin Father’s Day photo

Cheers to the neighborhood daddies

Cheers to the neighborhood daddies