Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a definite perk of being a mom and Sunday was a fabulous one!  The day started with my son coming into my bedroom saying “Happy Mother’s Day” with a gift bag and daddy in tow.  After reading a few great homemade and store-bought cards from my boys, I looked in the gift bag and saw the gift that I had asked for – a new baseball glove so that I could play catch with Colin.  I also received a great photo of Colin in his Chicago Cubs hat and baseball glove standing in front of the ivy-covered outfield wall at Wrigley Field.  Two great gifts for this sports-loving mommy!  After a pancake breakfast, we headed outside for a game of catch and to finish planting the vegetables and plants that I had bought a few days before.  Colin was in charge of digging holes, worm management, and watering.  (Colin likes to carry the worms around, put them on basketballs, and drop them into the bottom of holes before adding the plants back in.)  After Colin’s afternoon nap, we headed out to my brother’s in Naperville for dinner with his family and my mom.  Even though the skies opened and the flooding rains came down, bubble fun was had in the yard and dinner in the screened-in porch.  A great day for this mommy!


Playing catch with mommy and her new baseball glove


A great day to plant and water tomatoes