We started our Easter celebration this weekend with an Easter egg hunt.  It was Colin’s first egg hunt and the first time he met the Easter bunny – and he loved it!  The sun came out on Saturday morning and made for a fabulous and festive morning with friends.

We prepped for the egg hunt a few days prior with a trip to the store to buy plastic eggs and fun goodies to hide inside.  Colin was a great helper to fill the eggs with super balls and stickers.  We delivered the eggs to one of the event volunteers so that they could be passed on to the Easter bunny and hidden prior to the hunt.

When we arrived at the hunt, Colin gave a big “HI” to the Easter bunny and then we were off to the special egg section for children with food allergies.  (Colin is allergic to peanuts.)  It was a smaller group of kids, but they had a blast in their area finding eggs filled with stickers, toys, and erasers.  After Colin’s basket was full, we made our way over to the Easter bunny for a picture.  She was so nice!  Colin and his friends found a spot in the sun to take a seat and hatch open the eggs to see what might be hidden inside.

After the hunt, there was a stop at the playground for more fun.  The Easter basket and eggs were turned over to mom so that climbing, running, sliding, and jumping could begin.  A favorite piece of playground equipment is the see-saw.  Until Colin has a sibling, mom or dad is asked to sit on the other end to see-saw up and down.  As we were getting ready to leave, Colin heard music.  Wow – even more fun!  He found someone playing guitar with all sorts of fun instruments out on a blanket for all the kids to join in.  Colin played the piano, maracas, and drums. A fun and festive morning was enjoyed by all.


I found 2 eggs


I love the Easter bunny!


An egg hunt with my friends


A stop at the playground after the big hunt


No one said there was going to be music, too!