How we’re celebrating our 83 days of summer…a new series

What most of us wait for in Chicagoland all year long is finally here – summer!  The joys of summer are endless – sleeping with the windows open, no more extra layers of clothes, not having to run out the door right when you wake up to get the kiddos to school, eating meals outside on the patio multiple times a day, running through the sprinkler, roller coasters, bike rides, baseball in the backyard, chatting with the neighbors who venture outside to enjoy the weather, and so much more.

We’re already 15 days into our 83 day adventure.  It definitely took some time to work through the transition of not seeing school friends every day and our son not having a set routine and me not having free time to run errands and clean bathrooms.  I think we’re finally in a good summer groove, though, as t-ball has started so we’re seeing some friends regularly, one of the camps has started so we’re making new friends and coming home worn out, and the weather has gotten warmer, so the outdoor pool should start to warm up!  It’s our first full summer in our new town, so we are still exploring new places and trying new restaurants, but we’ve also been in town long enough that we’re running into friends at the library and playground, which is so fun.

What have we done so far?  A favorite is to ride bikes around the neighborhood, stopping to play with any other kiddos that might be out.  We’ve visited the library and love the graphic novel section, pokemon books, and iPad games. We’re exploring the riverwalk, finding the statues hidden around the downtown area, and grabbing take-out from our favorite restaurants. We live close enough to the downtown area of our town to walk to see parades with classmates and friends marching in it.  T-ball practice has started and it’s so fun.  The first game is next week – wish them luck!  We’re still taking swimming lessons so that when Centennial Beach warms up a bit, our son will finally be a strong enough swimmer to go down the slide.  Sean and I celebrated another wedding anniversary and we happened upon La Sorella di Francesca’s opening night of their outdoor patio seating.  It was an enjoyable dining experience where I ate way, way, too much!  Of course, we’ve checked out a touch-a-truck event and got to climb into a cherry picker and honk the horn of a huge cement mixer.  We invited an older cousin to come over so that we could wash her car as a good deed for the day.  We’ve checked out the DuPage Children’s Museum and can’t wait for their new water exhibit to open up in a few weeks.  Lunches and dinners have been eaten on the patio.  How could I forget playgrounds?  We’ve gotten our first set of blisters from sliding down fire poles and cruising across monkey bars.  Another favorite is playing in the yard.  There’s baseball, catch, basketball, frisbee, tag, hide and seek, and tree climbing that all happen almost daily at our house.  We’re keeping the tomatoes, broccoli, and basil watered in our new vegetable garden and are trying to grow cucumbers and pumpkins from seed to add later.  We’ll have to wait and see how our green thumb does!

We’ve had our share of injures already, too, but we’re all on the mend.  The last day of school was spent in the ER with a fall on the playground, I got my foot stuck in a door on Memorial Day and still haven’t been able to put my shoe on correctly, and one of us fell out of a tree and added a pretty good bump to their forehead.  I’m hopeful this is the extent of the rough injuries, but I’m sure we’ll still need many more band-aids this summer.

What’s in our future?  Santa’s Village, paddle boats, museums, playdates, birthdays, concerts, fun with cousins, and so, so much more.