An interesting perspective

From time to time, I run across an article, post, or quote that is somehow able to shed some light on an aspect of adoption that many find difficult to understand.  To those not intimately familiar with adoption, there are a variety of situations that are full of unknowns.  Why would a birth family choose adoption for their child?  Why do adoptive parents choose to adopt?  How do you talk about adoption to a child who was adopted?  There are many answers to all of these questions.  Recently, I found an article that addresses the birth mother’s perspective on adoption with very candid details.

In previous posts – More summer fun! and Insight, guidance, and support – you’ve heard me mention RG Adoption Consulting.  This time, she’s written the first of three blog posts that provide interesting insight into one of the three integral pieces to an adoption – the birth mother.  Here is a story through the eyes of one birth mother.  As the other stories are posted, I will share them.