It’s a sleepover!

Colin had one of his cousins over for a sleepover this weekend – and boy, was it fun!  Alastair, who’s just over a year older than Colin, came over on Friday afternoon and stayed until Saturday morning.

When Colin woke up on Friday morning, he was beyond excited that his cousin was coming over after school.  When the doorbell rang on Friday afternoon, Colin was literally jumping up and down.  As soon as Alastair was in the house, they were running around playing tag, Thomas the train, the drums, and race cars.  Throughout the afternoon, building with blocks, playing with army guys, and scooting around on rockets and bat mobiles was done by both boys together.  For dinner, daddy grilled burgers and when plates were cleaned, really big bowls of ice cream were served up.  PJs were put on (one set of The Incredibles and one set of Thomas), teeth were brushed, and sleeping bags were rolled out before both boys climbed into the same chair to watch Disney’s Cars movie.  Bedtime came and both were tucked in their sleeping bags before the lights were turned off and we read a Teenage Mutant Ninja book in the dark with a flashlight.

Not surprisingly, morning came a bit early.  I think it was about 5:30 when Colin came into our room declaring “I’m awake!”.  I convinced Colin to climb in bed with us for a bit longer while Alastair continued to sleep.  Eventually, we heard Alastair start to stir.  Daddy went in to check on him only to find him trapped in his sleeping bag.  We’re not quite sure what those boys did while they slept!  After some cartoons, daddy started making blueberry pancakes and the boys couldn’t resist getting involved.

Somehow, daddy was able to turn the kitchen into a “Happy” dance party.  He was able to capture the morning excitement in the video below.

I think both boys are looking forward to the next cousin sleepover!

They've been playing with a few of Colin's toys

They’ve been playing with a few of Colin’s toys

A movie before bed

A movie before bed