The new nursery…almost

We always seem to have some sort of home improvement project going on.  Sometimes it’s small and involves cleaning out a closet or bookshelf and sometimes it’s a much bigger deal.  We’re currently in the middle of one of those bigger projects and it’s all in anticipation of our growing family.

When thinking about which bedroom I wanted to use as a nursery for the newest addition to our family, I decided that it might be best to use one of the upstairs bedrooms.  But, it was in bad shape.  The room definitely needed new carpet and paint, but I had bigger plans!  I was able to talk Sean into ripping down the ceiling and walls, pulling up the carpet – all the way down the staircase – and installing new windows.

Back in February, we enlisted the help of Big Jim, Nana, and Uncle Kevin to demolish the entire space.  We’re moving forward and improving the heating/cooling of the room, adding insulation, and installing new windows.  Below are some pictures of what it looks like now.  Stay tuned to watch the progress…


Check out the new windows

2014-02-22 10.39.58

There’s Uncle Kevin tearing down the ceiling


A different view