Nursery update

Two months ago, I posted about our nursery project in anticipation of our expanding family.  I’m extremely happy to report that significant progress has been made and the end may very well be near!

Sean and my dad have spent many hours working in the upstairs space.  From electrical to heating vents to insulation – everything has been improved.  While those behind-the-scenes tasks are very important, they’re not that exciting to me.  I’ve been desperately awaiting the drywall phase.

Finally, some experts from Smith Painting & Decorating have taken over and added much needed walls and a ceiling!  Now that the crew is working on smoothing out all the corners and prepping the drywall for paint, I feel like we’re close to the end and can start to schedule the finishing touches.  Waiting in the wings are trim work, doors, lighting, bookshelf install, carpet, and paint.  Those, to me, are the fun finishing touches.  Thoughts on a nursery paint color?


A room with a view


The bookcase nook


Big new windows


There’ll be a door there soon


Light streaming from a skylight above the stairs