Our Story

Adoption is a personal, emotional, and difficult process. We can’t fully understand what you are feeling, but we know that your decision is not an easy one. Our son joined our family through adoption in 2011 and we hope to bring another bundle of joy, energy, and love into our home. We are Sean, Karin, and Colin and we thank you for wanting to learn about us.

A warm spring day

A warm spring day

We have been married for 12 years and met while students at Marquette University in Milwaukee. We enjoy being outdoors – mostly in the warm and sunny weather! We share a desire to travel, which started with college spring break trips and have expanded to European vacations. As our family grows, we’ll do more vacationing to fun family places. In a few years, we’re looking forward to trips to Disney World, the Jersey Shore, campgrounds, the Grand Canyon, and other fun destinations with cousins and other family members. We love eating out, too. There are so many wonderful restaurants in Chicago that we want to try – we feel guilty when we visit an old favorite instead of trying something new. When we’re not eating out, Karin enjoys cooking and baking from scratch with fresh vegetables and fruits. Whether it’s an old family recipe, one from a new cookbook, or a new recipe from a friend, Karin’s willing to try to make it.

We just bought a house on a quiet street with a big back yard, friendly neighbors, and big, old trees.  It’s within walking distance of the grade school, playgrounds, and the downtown area of Naperville.  We’ve explored the nearby museums, swimming pools, paddle boat lagoons, parades, and festivals.  The schools are great, the schools are diverse, and and there’s always something happening somewhere in town.


Relaxing at the beach on our anniversary trip to Hawaii

We have always wanted children to be a part of our family. We tried to get pregnant for a few years on our own without success and then turned to treatments for infertility. From the onset, we decided that if the treatments didn’t work, we would build our family through adoption. This is how it was meant to be for us and we’re thrilled!

Sean is a fun, social, and hard-working guy. Friends know that if they’re spending a few hours with Sean, they’ll be laughing until tears are streaming down their face at some point during the visit. He was born into a large family in Wisconsin, but grew up in Massachusetts and New Jersey. Sean is 1 of 5 children and he and his twin brother are the youngest. As a child, Sean remembers taking watches and radios apart to see how they worked. This hobby has continued as Sean likes to fix things around the house. Sean recently started a new job in IT for a larger start-up company in downtown Chicago. His new job is providing him with a better work-life balance than he had in the past, which is wonderful. Usually, the work is left at the office and it’s family time when he gets home.

Karin is caring, organized, and casual. She was born in the Chicago suburbs and is the oldest of 3 siblings. Her mom and brother and his family still live in the suburbs, while her sister lives in the Champaign area with her family and her dad and his wife live in the Springfield area. Family is an important part of Karin’s life. She likes to include family in a lot of the things that we do. Karin has been blessed with the joys and hard work of being a stay at home mom for the past four years. Each day is a new adventure with Colin either watching the seals swim at the zoo, climbing on the tractor at the museum, or attending tumbling class at the park. An avid sports fan, particularly of the Chicago Cubs and Bears, Karin enjoys keeping up with her teams on TV and radio.


Colin wishes he could ride Daddy’s bike

If you choose adoption for your child, our relationship with you and your family has the opportunity to be a lot of different things. We’re open to whatever is best for us all. We would be lucky to have all the people that love our child involved in the important parts of their life. On the other hand, we understand that the whole adoption process is difficult, including the time after the baby is placed for adoption, so we are completely open to your feelings toward openness, too. In the end, know that we will always talk openly with our child about adoption and you and will answer all of their questions positively and truthfully.

We are hopeful that our family will continue to grow and we’re so excited to see how we are able to keep the laughter loud, the hugs big, and the fun going and going!


We can only imagine the challenging decisions that you have ahead. This letter is meant to give you a glimpse of the love we have for our family and life. We have great respect for you and your decisions, and know that you will make the right choice for you, your family, and your child.