Personal stories about adoption

When I’m reading the newspaper, a magazine, or social media, certain words tend to jump off the page and catch my attention.  “Adoption” is one of those words.  When I see that word, I usually look closer to read more details.  A lot of the time, I quickly realize that it’s an article about pet adoption, so I move on (as we don’t have any pets and aren’t planning on adding one to our family any time soon).  But, occasionally, it’s a touching story or informative article about someone hoping to adopt a child, someone who was adopted as a child, birth parent stories, or child adoption in general.  Recently, I came across two articles that have stuck with me, so I thought I’d share.

An adoptee’s story – You’ll need to log into your Chicago Tribune account to read this editorial.

Thoughts from a birth mother

These articles are not meant to induce discussion or debate, but more to offer a few people’s perspectives on a topic that is very personal to them.  They offer insight into topics that a lot of us can’t even begin to imagine.