Why all the posts???

We’re in the start of a new year, so I thought I’d remind you why I write.  We have a number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and seanandkarinadopt.com – some are friends who know our story well and others who don’t know us, but have decided to follow our posts anyway.  For those who don’t know us or only follow us on Facebook and haven’t visited seanandkarinadopt.com, you may not know why I post these stories.

We have chosen to build our family through adoption and we’re hoping to make a connection to a birth family through our posts.  We are working closely with The Cradle adoption agency, but word of mouth is also a useful tool.  It can sound a bit odd, but we have had friends and family approach us with possible adoption matches.  While those situations have not resulted in a match for our family, we are hopeful that our posts will help someone make the incredible decision to place their child with us.  That is why I write about our daily life…to show you what it would be like to be a part of our family.

We ask you to share our posts with people that you think might be interested or may know someone thinking about adoption.  We were absolutely blessed with our first son and can’t wait to add another child to our family!


Our family!