Potty training boot camp

Our little guy isn’t so little anymore!  He’ll be starting pre-school in the fall and will soon be 3 years old, so it’s time for potty training.  We finally had 5 days in a row with nothing scheduled, nowhere that we needed to be, and a high likelihood of warm weather so that we could be outside, so we started “potty training boot camp”.

For me, this has probably been the most daunting child-rearing phase that we’ve entered.  I so very rarely hear positive stories about this process and when I do, I tend not to believe them in full.  Mostly, I hear horror stories about the potty training process – my son was using the potty and wearing underwear for weeks and now he’s back in diapers, my daughter refuses to poop in the toilet even though she’s been going pee there for months (she waits for her overnight diaper to be put on and then poops), etc.  Ugh – what parent in their right mind looks forward to that!  The days are already so busy, why add going to the bathroom and occasional accidents to the routine?  Diapers keep everything clean and easy.

Of course, I know that potty training needs to be done and I didn’t want to wait until the last week before school starts, so we have begun in earnest.  He loves wearing all his new underwear – with Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, and other characters – that he picked out at the store.  We’ve had many successes, a few accidents, and some tears over the past few days.  But, overall, it hasn’t been as overwhelming as I thought and our little guy seems to not hate it.  I have to say that he was SO proud of himself when he went poop on the toilet for the first time.  Although, I must admit, it’s been the only time, up until now.

We’re hanging out at home until we need to head out to t-ball on Thursday – swimming in the pool, playing with toys, and painting pictures while we work on using the potty.  Fingers crossed that he’ll be swinging the bat wearing his underwear instead of a diaper and that I won’t have any accidents to clean up in the gym!