Spoiler alert…Cubs win!

I had some fun watching my Cubbies on Monday night.  It’s a bit of a long story that started four months ago…

My girlfriend and I get tickets to a Cubs game or two every summer.  This summer, we picked an evening game against the Kansas City Royals on Saturday, May 30th.  I usually have a rule that I don’t go to outdoor sporting events before June 1st or after December 1st.  (I’m not a big fan of sitting outside in the cold weather!)  But, I figured May 30th, was close enough to June 1st, and that we’d be ok.  Boy, was I wrong!

That day, I woke up to a cold and rainy Saturday in May.  It rained and rained all day.  I continuously checked the Cubs website to see if the game was going to be postponed, but it wasn’t.  When it came time to head to Wrigley Field, I bundled up with long underwear, a winter coat, and a poncho to try to keep dry.  The whole drive to the ballpark, I kept checking to see if it was going to be postponed, but it still wasn’t.  I was so sad and unhappy and not looking forward to the game, which is not how I usually am for a Cubs game.  We arrived at the ballpark, parked the car in our usual free spot, and checked the Cubs website one last time – huzzah…the game was postponed until Monday, September 28th!  We didn’t have to sit out in the rain and wind and cold after all!  We added the new Cubs game to our September calendar and were hopefully optimistic that we’d end up going to a late-season game that might have play-off implications.  We also figured that the odds were good that the weather would be warmer than it was that cold May day.  In the end, we happily changed our plans – had dinner at Uncommon Ground and went to a neighbor’s house to watch a Blackhawks playoff game.  (The Blackhawks won that game on their way to winning another Stanley Cup!)  It ended up being a fun evening.

Fast-forward through the summer and an enjoyable, winning Cubs season.  As September progressed, we grew more and more excited about our late September tickets.  After checking the schedule, we realized that we had tickets to the last regular season home game – that’s exciting for a winning team!  The Cubs were getting close to securing a play-off spot and pitcher Jake Arrieta had one perfect game behind him already.  Would he pitch the game we had tickets to?  Would the Cubs clinch their play-off spot with a win on September 28?  I was really excited to be going to the game.  In the end, the Cubs clinched their play-off spot a few days prior to the 28th and Arrieta pitched on the 27th for a win, but we knew that the energy in Wrigley Field was going to be awesome – and the weather was over 80 degrees!  With over 40,000 fans in the stadium watching every pitch and hit and hustle down the first base line, we watched a great pitching duel of a game.  9 innings came and went without a run crossing home plate.  The 10th inning came and went without any sign of the game nearing the end.  The first hitter in the bottom of the 11th was a pinch hitter for the Cubs, Chris Denorfia.  His walk-off home run to left field finally ended the game in grand fashion in front of all 40,000+ fans with a win at Wrigley Field for the Cubs!

What a way to end the Cubs regular season at Wrigley Field!