Summer in the city

It seems as if summer was a bit slow to arrive, but it is finally here!  We have a much quieter summer schedule that leaves us a lot of free time for outdoor play.  Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Colin is signed up for the Chicago Public Library’s Rahm’s Readers Explore and Roar summer reading program.  He’s earning credit by reading books, going to storytime at the library, and participating in other fun activities.  As a family, we attended a Concert in the Park at Mayfair Park.  Colin had a blast dancing to the music (he even wanted to dance with mommy), snacking on a picnic dinner, running around in the baseball diamond dirt, and playing at the playground.  On another day, we invited friends over for playtime in the pool and a bbq dinner.  (I have to say, though, that some of these events have been shortened or altered due to all the rain that we’ve had so far.  But, my backyard plants are loving it!)  Again this summer, we have continued our summer tradition of going for a weekend family bike ride in the forest preserve.  Colin is still enjoying riding in his trailer while daddy does all the pedaling.  Camp started this week, and, Colin is enjoying it.  His friends Bobby and Emma are in the class, too.  So far, he’s played basketball, zoomed around in a police car cozy coupe, glued an art project, and had parachute fun.  Somehow, we’ve been able to have all this fun while still working on potty training.  (You can read more about our potty training boot camp in a previous post.)  Colin’s doing pretty well with this challenge, but there’s still room for improvement.

What’s still ahead for us this summer?  Colin’s first camping trip, a beach vacation, playgrounds, pools, friends, bike rides, farmers markets, music, movies, parades, picnics, birthdays, family, block party, and more.