Things that make me happy #11

I used my new lawn mower today – and I love it!  (Sometimes it’s the weird little things that can make your day great.)

When we bought our new house, I knew that my old plug-in lawn mower wasn’t going to work with our new, larger backyard.  There was no way that the extension cord was going to reach from the outlet on the house to the back corner of the yard, so we sold my old mower.

Last weekend, I borrowed my brother’s gas-powered, self-propelled lawn mower so that I could cut my grass.  It was a nice mower, but it was big and heavy and the grass was long and still wet in spots.  I did not have a fun time cutting the grass last week and was afraid that I was going to hate something that I used to love as long as I lived in this house.

We put a lot of thought into which battery-powered mower I would be most happy with before buying a new one.  We decided on a Black & Decker mower.  It arrived earlier this week and Sean got it running for me today.  It’s so light and quiet and starts with the push of a button and the squeeze of a handle.  At times, I felt like I was vacuuming instead of cutting the grass.  It still takes me a lot longer to cut the grass than it did before, but I know that I’m not going to hate and dread it for the remainder of the time that we live here – and that makes me happy!