Things that make me happy #2

As a family, we did a few things this weekend that made me happy.  Some may see them as ordinary occurrences, but when I look back on them, I smile.  They were unplanned, spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment, unscheduled fun times with friends.

It was warm out on Saturday, so we cooked dinner on the grill and played out front for a while.  As we played out front, a few of the neighbors joined us to chat, take a break from their yard work, and bring their kids out to play.  We eventually moved to the backyard and then inside as the sun started to set and a bit of a chill set in.  We pulled our dinner from the grill when it was done and just kept it warm in the kitchen.  We ended up eating a late dinner that we had to reheat a bit, but it was all okay.  On Saturday, hanging out and relaxing with friends was more important than eating a hot dinner at 5:00.  All had fun catching up, enjoying a beverage, and playing.

We started our Sunday attending the children’s play Three Little Kittens at Emerald City Theatre with some family friends.  It was an enjoyable performance filled with laughing, dancing, and mystery-solving.  On the way home, we were invited to lunch and playtime at a friend’s house.  We ended up spending a few hours “stooping” on their front steps with their family and neighbors chatting, enjoying each other’s company, and helping the kids with bike helmets and various dress-up outfits.  Lunch arrived and we ate pizza on the sidewalk.  There were tears when it was time to head home to take a nap, but that just means that fun was had by all.

Thank goodness for family and friends and warmer weather!  I definitely think that the sun and warm weather makes spur-of-the-moment playtime easier to stumble upon and much more enjoyable – and that makes me smile.