Things that make me happy #5

On Friday, Colin had an extra-special day.  In addition to being person of the day at school, they also celebrated his summer birthday!  His classmates sang “Happy Birthday”, he brought in cupcakes and goodie bags to share with his friends, he wore a sticker that said “I turned 5 today!”, and wore a birthday crown.  Coincidentally, the Parent’s Association group at school sponsored a surprise “jumpy house” day, so all the school children were able to take time out of their day to go outside and enjoy the jumpy activities.  After school, I picked Colin up and we drove downtown to spend the afternoon at the Chicago Children’s Museum.  After a few hours of exploring his favorite exhibits and working up some courage to try a new climbing space, we ventured just past the museum to the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier.  Colin had fun ducking under the fountains that shoot water over the walking paths.  When we exited the gardens, we were outside in the warm spring sun in Pier Park on Navy Pier.  Colin was already thrilled with what a fun day he was having – as was I as it was enjoyable – when we saw a carousel.  Who doesn’t love a carousel ride?  We decided it would be fun to take a ride before heading home, so that’s what we did.  After all that, what part made me the most happy…the unplanned, surprise, spontaneous carousel ride with my very happy son out in the lake overlooking a beautiful city on a warm and sunny day.  Summer’s coming, so we could have a lot more fun days like this very soon!