I think summer might be coming!

Summer is my favorite time of year.  I can’t get enough of being outside in the warm weather.  After the brutal Chiberia winter, that is seemingly never ending, I am just now seeing small signs that summer might actually make an appearance in 2014.

One of my favorite summertime activities is gardening.  While we have a fairly small yard, I’ve tried to find as many planting spaces as possible.  It’s a yard that has something new blooming in it all season long.  It makes for a wonderful space from spring right through to the end of fall.

The first flowers to bloom every year are crocuses, so they are my favorite.  A few years ago, I planted a number of purple, yellow, and white crocus bulbs in the front and back yards.  They line a portion of the walk from the back door to our garage, so I’m guaranteed to see them as soon as they start to poke through the snow.

This year, right by my crocuses, I noticed other plants popping up.  I was quite puzzled as I didn’t recall having spring plants there in the past.  I was a bit nervous that some invasive plant had infiltrated my yard and I wasn’t looking forward to having to dig them up.  There were so many of them, though, that I decided to leave them alone to see what they might turn into.  To my very pleasant surprise, they bloomed into mini daffodils!

Another early grower in my back yard is my clematis.  A number of years ago, I transplanted 4 clematis plants from a planter in the front of the house to a very small space between the garage and a sidewalk.  To my surprise, they thrive in there!  They absolutely love all the sun that they get from the early morning to late afternoon.  Their vines start climbing their trellises in early spring and shortly thereafter, they will reach the top of the trellis and be ready to bloom.

This past fall, in addition to planting mini daffodils in the back yard, I planted other new bulbs in the front yard.  There are a few large plants that have sprouted up that I do not remember what they are.  I’m looking forward to watching them grow and seeing their pretty flowers.

Lastly, we’re all anxiously awaiting the leaves to pop on our trees.  The Japanese maple and forsythia appear to be close to budding, which is exciting.  Our honey locust is more of a late bloomer, so we’ll be waiting a bit longer for shade in the back yard.


Waiting for the tree to bud


Mini daffodils


A crocus – my favorite


Trellises awaiting clematis vines to grow