A toddler’s week in review

This spring has kept us very busy.  During the week, we venture out of the house for fun activities that teach Colin new skills, introduce him to new things and friends, and just plain tire us out.

We start our week off with tumbling class at the Chicago Park District.  We have a fun time with our friends Jonathan and Ellory stretching, climbing, jumping, and hanging.  Tuesdays offer activities a bit closer to home.  We head over to the local Chicago Public Library for story time with Miss Mary.  Books are read, the 5 little monkeys song is sung, and the hokey pokey is danced.  We stay in the neighborhood the next day, too, at Away We Play for music and art.  Ring around the rosy and A-B-C is sung and art projects with paint are created.  We’re now over the hump and heading toward some real fun.  Thursdays are a ball at Lil Sluggers for t-ball.  With the coaches’ help, Colin has learned how to swing a bat to hit the ball, run the bases, and point-step-and-throw.  He uses his alligator fingers to catch balls that are thrown to him.  We end our weeks again at the Chicago Park District’s Garden Buddies class.  Here, he can dig in the dirt, plant seedlings, and play with worms.  Friends, Levi, Jonathan, Andrew, Daniel, Elliot, and Mateo all enjoy this outdoor fun.

All these activities and more keep us learning, exploring, and having fun!

2014-04-18 10.36.04

I found worms!




Ring around the rosy…


Hanging out at tumbling


5 little monkeys jumping on the bed…1 fell off and bumped his head…